DIY – Bedside Table with Hairpin Legs

Trying to find the right bedside table can be difficult, they’re either the wrong size or too expensive. I have been slowly redecorating my parents’ spare room and needed a bedside table to fit a small space, to not be too expensive, as well as being the right height. This is why I decided to pick up my trusty drill to make my own bedside table, complete with my favourite – hairpin legs.

This is a simple Scandinavian style bedside table that anyone can make.




  • When I bought my pine furniture board from B&Q I got them to cut the wood for me. I went for 2 pieces that are 40cm by 30cm, for the top and bottom, and 2 pieces that are 20cm by 30cm, for either side.
  • To make the box I didn’t use any fancy joining methods. I just went for a simple butt join using wood screws.
  • The first thing is to drill 4 pilot holes all the way through in both 40cm by 30cm pieces to make attaching the side pieces easier.
  • Next attach the side pieces to one of the 40cm by 30cm pieces using the wood screws. Making sure that you keep the wood at 90 degrees otherwise you will get a wonky box. You could use wood glue as well in the join to make it extra secure.
  • Then attach the final 40cm by 30cm to complete the box.
  • Once the box is complete you can attach the hairpin legs. The legs I went for are 16″/41cm tall. Most legs will come with screws to attach them with. I positioned the legs with a 2cm space from the edge. Then screwed them in place.
  • Finally protect the wood. I choose to used a clear varnish as I wanted to keep a light pine look, however you could stain or paint the wood to suit your style.

Tad dah! You’ve got a cute bedside table!



I have styled it with:

Yes, I know it’s a bit unconventional to have the table sideways on, but I like it! This, like most of my DIYs, is a pretty easy one to do yourself. It can be easily adapted to suit your own space by changing the measurements, adding colour to the wood, or even using a pre built box instead of building your own.

An Easy DIY Bedside Table!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how you can make your own hairpin leg bedside table. I would love to see if you try this at home so don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @coletteslittlehome.

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